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Since 1964 we have manufactured and delivered premium-quality parts and services that help our customers minimize plant downtime, increase productivity, and achieve optimal operational efficiency. Our mission is to develop strong partnerships with our customers and support them in reducing their maintenance costs without sacrificing the quality they depend on.

Why choose Greenline?

  • We're dependable: We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to the food processing industry. Our team delivers parts that exceed or meet our customer's expectations within the timeframe they need.
  • We're innovative: As innovations within the food processing industry continue to advance, our team is actively developing solutions to help your operation reduce downtime, increase yield, and achieve optimal operational performance.
  • We prioritize quality: Our mission is to help reduce your maintenance costs without sacrificing the quality you depend on to run your operation. We deliver cost-effective alternative parts that meet or exceed your OEM standards without the quality.

About Fortifi

Food processing at its best

Fortifi creates value for customers, society, and investors.

Fortifi is here to do one big thing very well. A relentless focus on better food processing solutions makes Fortifi single minded and globally present. That’s why Fortifi can visualize and deliver full-lifecycle automation solutions for the entire food industry.

Fortifi offers every aspect of the advanced technology necessary to set up a process and automate a plant. But their ultimate resource is the ability to understand what their customers need and to solve their real problems. Whether that requires tools, machines, or a complete plan, Fortifi is ready.

Global Locations

~2K Employees

33 Sites Worldwide

17 Factories Worldwide

15 Countries

Our Purpose

Fortifi automated solutions transform the food processing industry with sustainable operational efficiency. As a leading strategic partner, we further our capabilities through strategic investment and prioritizing an employee and customer-driven culture. We prioritize innovation and safety while we create value for customers, society and investors.

Why Fortifi

  • We’re solely focused on food solutions.
  • We’re a global presence in every aspect of automated food processing solutions.
  • We provide all the pieces and make them work together.

Fortifi handles all aspects of food processing automation.

  • Identify early-phase needs.
  • Design entire plants.
  • Provide machines and tools.
  • Install and commission lines.
  • Provide field service.
  • Retrofit existing lines.

We’re with our customers at every step of the process and every stop on the line.

Why Fortifi? Why Now?An epidemic of food waste, outdated manufacturing processes, and a lack of production efficiency hold the world's food supply hostage. Optimized food processing boosts high-quality yields while it improves safety, consistency, and sustainability. Automation speeds up output, spares employees from tedious and dangerous work, and offsets the ebb and flow of the workforce.

Automation increases industry safety

Without automated efficiency, the incident rate in the food manufacturing sector

  • 50% higher than the industry average
  • 3x higher than in more advanced production industries

Automation helps meet the demand for food

  • World population will grow to 9 billion by 2037.
  • Inefficient food production increases healthful food costs by $1.50 per day.

Automation is good for the environment

  • Nearly 1/3 of all consumable food is wasted or lost, enough to feed 3 billion people.
  • 26% of global greenhouse gases stem from food production.

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